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CHASING ECHO CD MP3 tracks/samples:

01 Synaptic Crisscross

Plug in to the soft electronic waves of a tight dendrite connection, allowing you to access past memories of your own and others.

02 Master Plan
(Monkey Pop)
Great track to play in monkey bars.  I really can’t disclose any more information about this track.  Page not found.  Out of stock.  Does not exist.

03 Tsunami Twist
(Chimp  Rock)
This track was inspired by my first surfing adventure. Taking a tumble in life and getting yourself back together and recovering. 
AKA "Robot Twist"

04 Rinky Dink
(Monkey Tonk)
Monkey shines with the goofy sounds of dueling harmonica and banjo set to laidback lemonade stand beats.  Followed by the weary trudge back home after being drained by the silly afternoon sun.

05 Wack
(Funky Country Monkey/Chimpanz-Electro)
A wacky electro-country anti-war anthem for a misguided government and the party-loyal zombies who support the system.  One for Republicrats and Democans in America’s tired and blatantly corrupt two-party political system.  Basically, there is a lot of monkey business involved.

FREE Wack (Dubya wiretap)
(Funky Country Monkey/Chimpanz-Electro)
Free download of the entire spoken word version of "Wack" featuring soundbytes from one of the worst leaders in the history of the free world.   This track is free and not available on the CD.

06 iRock
Millions of foot soldier pawns march to the monotonous drums of madness driven by corporate chords, shady electoral processing, banal hip-hop beats and the desperate scratches of a monkey on your back.

07 I Know
(Chimpdustrial Rock)
The secret has been uncovered and the plans have been changed. It's time to strap on your protective gear because the repercussions are going to be relentless until the damage is done, the dust clears and the emotional tidal waves subside.

08 In Dust Reality
(Munk Rock / Monkey Punk)
Skyscrapers do not massage the clouds.  SUVs do not breathe life into the atmosphere.  Wars do not bring peace.  The elements speak volumes.  Mother Nature has a big monkey wrench.

09 Take It All
(Gorilla Rock)
Oil, corporate accounts, empty promises, bureaucracy, monkey suits, lies, carbon emissions, unfair taxes, bloody streets, weapons of mass destruction, your cut, my art... take it all.

10 Rain Today
A strange daze freefalls into the afterworld using  skeleton keys.

The Feeling Bit
There are those magical moments, few and far between, fleeting memories that stain your perception forever.

The use of “Chimpanzee” and “Gorilla” to describe various genres of monkey music is sanctioned under the International Primate Peace Accord (IPPA) of 1949.

All music videos were of course shot gorilla-style.

All Tracks Copyright 2007 Ambitious Productions/Mythopolis

Chasing Echo

Just an Echo (Pan’s rebuttal)

Aphrodite placed a spell on my wanton heart
and I found myself at the turn
blindsided by unrequited affections
for the nymph of Kithairon
it's true, I wanted to strip away her veil
I chased her into the deepened wood
but nymphs can be pixies too
turning tricks to a dance of desperation
I never touched her
nor tricked shepherd and flock to her harm
such tales told lie false
she was never shredded to pieces by anyone
she fell for a boy full of himself
go figure
she withered away on her own
pining for what she could never have
her body to dried flowers and dust
her voice to mock reverberations
within dark-walled dwellings
beneath vaults of thick foliage
in the midst of rocks now
she has no words
of her own anymore
she's just an echo
forever       more
she'll always be
just     an     echo

Chasing Echo CD now available at Amazon.com

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