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An infrasonic journey of catastrophic events...

WARNING - El Nino is rather reckless and feisty and this CD contains high-pitched frequencies and infrasonic sound waves that will wreak havoc with any "normal" listening environment and trick the mind into unsettling emotional responses.  With these warnings in mind, should you choose to continue this sonic adventure, it will be unlike anything you've ever experienced before.



01  God

02  Satellite Crown

03  Indiana Turnpike 2012

04  Pixy-led

05  Pop Tart!

06  Figyur's horns

07  Easter Island paean

08  Introduction to...

09  The Fifth Angel

10  Blue Thursday

11  La Nina

12  Pal

13  Things to Come...

    Final Notes





12:1-2 - Then a huge sign became visible in the sky - the figure of a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars upon her head. She was pregnant, and cried out in her labor and in the pains of bringing forth her child.


12:3-4 - Then another sign became visible in the sky, and I saw that it was a huge red dragon with seven heads and ten horns, with a diadem upon each of his heads. His tail swept down a third of the stars in the sky and hurled them upon the earth. The dragon took his place in front of the woman who was about to give birth to a child, so that as soon as she did so he might devour it.


12:5-6 - She gave birth to a male child who is to shepherd all the nations  "with a rod of iron". Her child was snatched up to God and to his throne, while the woman fled into the desert where she has a place prepared for her by God's command.  There they will take care of her for twelve hundred and sixty days.


12:7-9 - The war broke out in Heaven.


01 - God  (0:31)

A theory based on the elements ruling over man, even though of course modern civilization still plays out as if human beings are at the throne.

02 - Satellite Crown  (2:10)

The Book of Revelations may or may not be prophetic but it is most certainly a journal of things already come and gone, and come again.

Mother Earth, clothed by The Sun everyday with the satellite known to us as The Moon under her feet, periodically gives birth to a child in pangs of birth.  Sea tremors, tectonic shifts, earthquakes rushing to form tsunamis and feed hurricanes and floods.  This child is known as El Nino.  What scientists currently refer to El Nino is only its shadow.  Reborn, ironically around Christmas time, and some believe near the Easter Islands, it is known to in fact rule all nations with an iron scepter and there is little civilization can do to stop it.

03 - Indiana Turnpike 2012  (2:47)

Technology will afford us luxuries to escape nature and the elements, but only to a certain degree.  Just as sure as the fields will give birth to skyscrapers and mass transit, the swift strike of Mother Nature can take it all away and render it useless without warning.  Even with our scientific concoctions we can only add to in an infinite feedback loop, for we can never really fight against nature, because everything we do is part of nature too.  We can really only hope to work with it.


Creation of Indiana Turnpike 2012 - The inevitable result of numerous trips back and forth between Ohio and Chicago on the Indiana Turnpike.  Voices are sound bytes taken from an educational application on global warming.


04 - Pixy-led  (4:44)

It was believed that pixies were responsible for leading wandering travelers astray into deep dark swamps, where they were never seen again.  Tingling chimes lead us into the brutal crescendo of electronic waves and manipulated bass lines while thunder rolls in.  Once misled, there is no escape.  This piece represents the manipulations of the media and the government and damage inflicted upon the Earth by industry and mankind.  All of which is really nothing compared to how Mother Nature will strike back in the end.


Creation of Pixy-led - The distortion and manipulation of a borrowed bass belonging to a one Louis Frierson in Chicago.  Even the tingling bell-like sounds are from that bass.


05 - Pop Tart! (3:35)

Cyber hotties and gas guzzling SUVs bounce together in a series of big fat monstrous beats.


Creation of Pop Tart! - Germination of a percussion track created with VirtualDrummer freeware.  Continued amplification and distorted on the beats.  Jimmy James Franzen was recorded playing trumpet to the track.


06 - Figyur's horns  (1:32)


A menacing warning - but nuclear missile testing, greenhouses gases, war mongering and greedy political schemes continue to proliferate.  Presidents and Prime Ministers will pretend to be God's warriors in yet another heavenly crusade in long line of such, in effect securing their legacy as murderous monsters in a more enlightened future.  In the meantime, Figyur and his Macabre Orchestra will always be there with a soundtrack for the dark missteps of man.


Figyur appears in the original script and storyboards for Garage Kubrick's "Stalker" music video, which was never completed.

Creation of Figyur's horns - This track is actually recorded entirely by nearly swallowing a lavaliere microphone and humming.


07 - Easter Island paean  (2:13)


In the past, a hymn of joy was perhaps initiated by celebrating tribes because they knew that the flow of El Nino currents would allow them to journey further into the unknown and perhaps more bountiful territories.  Of course, Mother Nature doesn't always respond cordially to the gratitude of hymns and such.  Even so, perhaps the journey they took led them away from the destruction that an El Nino inspired storm would befall upon their former settlements.


Creation of Easter Island paean - Besides a light piano, the textures evolved from recording the sounds of a vintage violin uke from the 1920s that I found in a Chicago antique store.


08 - Introduction to...  (3:14)


The inaugural horn of The Fifth Angel sounds and is followed by the brooding pipes of a church organ.   It is now known that the lower frequencies of church organs can induce people to have an unsettling feeling and even cause hallucinations, perhaps inducing the sensation that there is an ethereal or otherworldly presence.  Other people find themselves feeling calm or euphoric.  These low frequency waves are called INFRASONIC waves and exist below the 20kHz threshold.

It's been cited for a fact that Church organ builders have been using infrasonic pipes for centuries in order to help create a sense of awe among Sunday morning congregations.  Hmm... pretty tricky.


Creation of Introduction of - A cheap Casio keyboard put through a massive reverb filter on the spur of the moment.

09 - The Fifth Angel  (16:06)

An epic piece based on a haunting reference in the Book of Revelations in which a plague of iron breast-plated locusts appear on Earth prepared for battle.  For myself, the cue brings forth the images of modern day warfare - the battlefield bombings captured in vintage films during World War I, the stealth and steadfast destruction of airfields bursting into flames during World War II, dogfights with flying metal machines whose faces are painted with lions teeth, the merciless helicopters of Vietnam spitting out rounds of ammunition in a ruthless fury striking down innocent rice paddy workers.  But the picture is of the past as well, in the crusades and the holocaust and the seemingly endless cycle of atrocities against human beings by other human beings that seem to be continually perpetuated by those who have been in power for centuries.

The Fifth Angel opens the key to the bottomless pit.  Charles Manson claimed to be the Fifth Angel, but if it was anyone in modern times, it was probably Albert Einstein, who's knowledge, for better or worse, opened a Pandora's box of creations and discoveries, including the nuclear bomb, that would forever change the world and the way we see it.

Creation of The Fifth Angel - The seed of track is a recording of the first time I ever tried to play the violin (thankfully, it was the last as well.)  The master tracks were recorded on an old reel-to-reel 4-track using a microphone from the 1950s.  It was then mixed back and forth between a broken Hi8 video camera and 4-track to create multiple layers of effects and feedback loops (which I found to be very powerful.)  Finally the sounds were transferred to a computer where it was molded using a digital sound mixing program.  "The Fifth Angel" was actually part of the original "pan" CD between the tracks "Hyperacusis" and "Fallen" but it did not fit on the MP3com version so it was placed on "El Nino."   




9:1 - The fifth angel blew his trumpet. I saw a star, that had fallen down from Heaven to earth, and he was given the key to the fathomless pit.


9:2 - Then he opened the pit and smoke like the smoke of a vast furnace rose out of it, so that the light of the sun and the air itself grew dark from the smoke of the pit.


9:3-5 - Then out of the smoke emerged locusts to descend upon the earth.  They were given powers like those of earthly scorpions. They had orders to do no harm to any grass, green thing or tree upon the earth, but to injure only those human beings who did not bear the seal of God upon their foreheads. They were given no power to kill men, but only to torture them for five months. The torture they could inflict was like the pain of a scorpion's sting.


9:6 - In those days men will seek death but they will never find it; they will long to die but death will elude them.


9:7-11 - These locusts looked to me in my vision like horses prepared for battle, On their heads were what appeared to be crowns like gold; their faces were like human faces, and they had long hair like women. Their teeth were like lion's teeth, their breasts were like iron-breastplates, and the noise of their wings was like the noise of a host of chariots and horses charging into battle. They have tails and stings like scorpions, and it is in their tails that they possess the power to injure men for five months. They have as their king the angel of the pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek Apollyon, (meaning the destroyer).



10 - Blue Thursday  (5:48)

Apparently, a particularly melancholy day.  One that has already taken place or one that has yet to occur is still a mystery.

Creation of Blue Thursday - Recordings of a vintage grand piano and the infamous broken $15 Spanish guitar.


11 - La Nina  (2:10)

What scientists will sometimes refer to as the anti-El Nino.  However, they may actually be one in the same in many regards as twins born of the same Mother, but wearing a different veil and casting separate shadows. 


Creation of La Nina - Pixy-led remixed with mucho flange.

12 - Pal  (3:43)

Pal is angelic character that appears in various writes associated with the vast and incomplete project "Myth."  She has many insights that attempt to explain bridges between spirituality and science.  Time has proven her words neither true nor false and somehow there always seems to be questions as to what her true purpose is, though of course, she claims to be good.


Creation of Pal - The combination of pitch shifting Jazz bass string hits and resurrected samples from the "Reborn" track on °pan's previous self-titled CD.


13 - Things to Come...  (4:34)

Are these the end times?  No, that's very unlikely.  It's all part of an infinite cycle.  It's a complicated feedback loop like the patterns of climate change across the Pacific Ocean.  El Nino has come and gone many times before and so have the so-called prophecies of the Book of Revelation.  Humans will create and destroy and Mother Earth will cleanse, and there will always be a new generation that will believe the mischievous myths of the past as a prophecy to some sort of future.


Creation of Things to Come - DJ Tony Wallace asked me to remix a track for his exploratory drum and bass Greenlight Project which had been recorded in his Toronto studio.   This suspenseful futuristic piece was the result.  The creative technique proved in fact to be a sign of things to come as the sound project that would follow El Nino ended up being a collaboration with two other artists, my brother Josh and my friend James Franzen, in Garage Kubrick's "Sonic Wallpaper Scenes" -which would feature still more futuristic soundscapes, but with more user-friendly tones and pseudo-melodies and an accompanying video collection of montages for each track, including Things to Come, all available on a DVD or on Mythopolis in MP3 and Quicktime movies files here.




"El Nino" Final Notes:


Some of the tracks on El Nino contain infrasonic frequencies.   While elephants use infrasonic waves to communicate with each other lovingly, man uses them to manipulate congregations and as military weaponry, even killing other human beings with powerful sound waves.   Infrasonic sounds are also incorporated into many Hollywood productions as well in order to manipulate emotions.


On the other hand, scientists can monitor infrasonic waves around the world and give advanced warning of impending catastrophic events, perhaps saving many lives in the process.


The concept of the CD is a dichotomy between the destructive behaviors of human beings and how Mother Earth roars back, cleansing the world over and over.


Under the current regime, the militaries of the world have murdered hundred's of thousands of innocent people while just as many have died needlessly in times of hardship or natural disaster.


Truly peaceful plans and corrective measures that could be used by our governments are always squashed down and cited as being too unrealistic and expensive.  Yet once the final human and financial cost of war has finally been tabulated it always far surpasses the estimated cost of peace. 


There are so many other plausible options that could make the world a better place in times of war and human injustice, but we first must work with Mother Nature, not against her. 



"El Nino" Credits:


Recorded at various times from 1997 to 2000.


Mixed at various times from 1998 to 2001.


Released into the atmosphere in Spring 2001.


Performed, Recorded and Hosted by Anthony Kern * **


*Except "Things to Come" which is a remix of Tony's Wallace's "Intro" for his Greenlight - Remixed CD (DnBv2) and is intended to be a link between the stormy El Nino and Wallace's bright and catchy Greenlight material, which is available at http://www.tonywallace.com


**"Pop Tart" includes extra percussion by the one and only Jimmy James Franzen.


El Nino stands as an extension piece to the original Pan CD while paying homage to the re-occurring storm cycles that periodically wreak havoc around the globe.  Given birth from Mother Earth, supposedly just a few hundred miles off of Easter Island, and eventually dispersed into space, when it's cycle is in full effect it does in fact seem to "rule over all the nations with a rod of iron."

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