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∞pan's Original "Pan" CD
Pan CD01. bombed (0:34) a brief introduction
02. luci dreams
(2:58) obe via electronic cerebral stimulation and dendrite connections
03. space
(5:40) prepare to launch, blasting in another dimension
04. venusian jungle
(6:59) enter an atmosphere of chemicals and spirits
05. Si
(5:51) war errupts between silicon machines
06. hoverbump
(4:49) hovercraft taxi service to and from the club
07. hyperacusis
(4:08) ghosts speak through the elements
08. fallen
(2:22) apocalyptic swan song
09. reborn
(10:29) journey through the afterlife in babysteps
10. spring sprung
(1:35) the cycle is ready to begin again

Contents: pan's Original "Pan" CD
"The noise of a daydreamer..."
Instructions: Please wear headphones for full stereophonic effect
Recorded: Spring 1997
Mixed: Winter 1997-98
Released into the atmosphere: Spring 1999
Tracks: bombed, luci dreams, space, venusian jungle, Si, hoverbump, hyperacusis, fallen, reborn, spring sprung

Performed, Recorded and Hosted by: Anthony Kern
Special Guests: Mr. Teac 4-Track, DJ Soundedit16, Miss Begotten Power Mac
Instruments of choice:  Cheap violin, vitamin D milk jug, H2O, LaDucc Bros accordian, Hamburgular cereal toy, Sony V-801 camcorder (RIP), cannabis, ginseng, echinacea and golden seal teas, empty cardboard paper roll, oatmeal, bicycle horn, Josh's keyboard, Monty's Shure microphone, various transient spirits and entities, clenched fists, mnemonic remnants, clairvoyant wishes, peaceful interludes, heart and soul...

∞pan's PAN CD

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